Make Your Move

You look out at a computer screen with deadened, dull eyes.

You’re bored, stuck in a perpetual loop of chronic procrastination.

You make an attempt at producing quality work – a feeble one at that.

Impulsively, you scroll through social media – attention staggered, never reaching a state of flow.

Each tick is felt by the descending hand of the clock – a heavy bludgeoning blow.

It’s a sad and depressing sentiment, but this is how your life goes

You proclaim – “I’m not boring, I have ideas”, but you never write them down.

You say you’re just too busy, caught up in the hitches of life.

But then retreat to the comfort and ease of relentless content-consumption,
that comes click after click, after click.

Then comes a sudden burst of inspiration, by a random roll of the dice.

So you tuck it away for later, never revisited – never revised.

We live in a time where individualism is revered,

Where being self-made is achieved daily, and society tells us, you can do it too!

So you tell yourself, I’ll do it tomorrow, I’ll do it when the time is due.

But this mentality has made you docile.

You’ve stopped tending to the inner genius that thrives in a world of inpredictability.

You’ve locked up your creative self, silenced and forgotten, buried deep within you.

Yet you lay awake at night, pining for life’s excitement, pining for your dreams of grandeur to be realised, to be true.

Your inaction has made you weak.

You’re an intellectual sad sack, starved of innovation.

You cower behind human emotions that serve to keep you comatose.

But you can retaliate – you can stop your own indulgences, you can refuse to be subdued.

Rouse that restless soul, and let your actions speak your inner truth.

Don’t let the days, months and eventual years evade you,

The time is now, make your move.


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